What is Keisou-kun ?


Keisou-kun is only one functional wall products based on natural raw materials which can purify the dirty indoor air .

And it is produced by One Will Co.,LTD who is pioneer of this kinds of breathable natural wall products in the world and Keisou-kun is protected by the patent both in Japan and China. And USA is in the patent pending now.

Porous Inorganic Mineral Wall Products

The porous inorganic mineral materials consist of diatomaceous earth ,zeolite, sepiolite, etc  and the all kinds of raw materials selected depending on the function such as deodorization , antibacterial, etc., and these raw materials blended exquisitely.

This is Keisou-kun which can breath and control the moisture.

Keisou-kun products

Plaster type(paste and powder)


To be installed by trowel and it is possible to make various kinds of pattern & design

finish one

Paint type


To be installed by roller and brush and installation is very easy . This paint is completely different from current existing paints .

Only one paint in the world.

Wall paper type


Only one wall paper in the world. Deodorization, Anti-bacteria, Humidity control

Keisou-kun Characteristics

Keisou-kun is the natural wall products which can purify the dirty indoor air . Keisou-kun is not air cleaner machine. In a cense , Keisou-kun is natural air cleaner to purify the dirty indoor air without electricity , without any sounds .

5 function for Health and Safety

  • Deodorization
  • Humidity control
  • Flaming retardant
  • Anti-bacteria
  • To remove formaldehyde

To contribute to SDGS, CO2 reduction

Keisou-kun is natural material different from synthetic resin products, petrochemical products and Keisou-kun is good for CO2 reduction too. For example, in case of 300M2 Keisou-kun wall , Keisou-kun can absorb CO2 which is equivalent to the tree of cedar which I grew.